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Infectious diseases

The research of infectious diseases is centered around the laboratory of HIV and Hepatitis infections, which is part of the Department of Clinical Immunology. The laboratory has a very broad range of analyses of diseasemarkers of HIV and Hepatitis to support the diagnostic process. We collaborate with virus laboratories at the other Departments of Clinical Immunology in Denmark as well as a number of clinical groups, amongst them Professor Peer Brehm Christensens group at the Department of Infectious diseases, OUH. Research projects are mainly focused on the prevalence of hepatitis or other infectious diseases among different patient groups as well as blood donors in Denmark as well as optimization of currents methods.

Members of the team

Dorte Kinggaard Holm, MSc, Ph.D.
Collaborators from clinical departments

Ongoing projects

Prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed blood borne infections in a random cohort of 10000 Danish citizens
Hepatitis C among  persons connected to Drug Treatment Centers - Test and treatment outcome

Project options for students

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