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Stefan Mortensen

Professor, Forskningsleder for Kardiovaskulær og Renal Forskning

Telefon: +4561717040

Research interest

Our research concerns mechanisms underlying normal vascular function and identification of mechanisms that cause impaired vascular function and tissue perfusion in cardiovascular disease and with ageing. Our primary research strategy is to assess vascular function and regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow in human subjects by use of invasive procedures and pharmacological or training interventions. However, we also use human muscle tissue for in vitro measurements to further elucidate mechanisms.  

Currently, we have ongoing studies in patients with type 2 diabetes that examine the role of ATP, aldosterone and endothelin in vascular dysfunction and insulin sensitivity. We also have ongoing projects that aim to identify the underlying mechanisms for the beneficial effects of exercise training in elderly and type 2 diabetics.                                              

Methods and Techniques

In vivo studies in patients with invasive procedures

- Pharmacological and training interventions

- Measurements of blood flow with ultrasound Doppler, thermodilution and contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)

- Microdialysis in muscle and fat tissue.

- Intravascular microdialysis

- Muscle and fat biopsies

- Metabolic studies with stable isotopes


  • Physiology for medical, biomedical and engineering students. 


  • The Danish Research Council for Health and Disease
  • The Lundbeck Foundation
  • The Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • Trygfonden
  • Danish Diabetes Academy
  • Toyota Foundation
  • Odense University Hospital
  • Region of Southern Denmark

Stefan Mortensen