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Micro Grid Living Lab

Project description

The Micro Grid Living Lab is a platform that: ‐ gives businesses the opportunity to develop and test new products in collaboration with researchers ‐ gives businesses the opportunity to test their products in a system with other products towards end users.

Today businesses have no platform for developing and testing their products towards customers. Larger businesses may have their own demonstration facilities, developed to support their specific products, but there is no platform, where they can test their products against other products in a smart grid network. Moreover SME’s rarely have their own testing facilities.

The Micro Grid Living Lab will be connected to the regional and national electricity and heating network, and will thus be a living laboratory for development and testing of products and services that are part of future ’Smart Grid Solutions’ nationally and internationally. The Micro Grid Living Lab is designed so businesses can set up, insert, plug in and install their products in an already established Micro Smart Grid system and thereby secure that the products can collaborate and work in a future Smart Grid system, an important factor to ensure costumers quality and relevance.

The Micro Grid Living Lab is the first stage in the establishment of The Green Tech Center; consisting of The Green Tech House, The Smart Grid Living Lab and The Micro Grid Living Lab. When the project is concluded, The Micro Grid Living Lab will be available for all interested businesses and researchers free of charge.

Project summary

Project period  September 2012 to December 2014 
 Total budget 11.760.735 DKK 
 Funding agency The Southern Danish Region and the European Regional Development Fund 
 Organization managing the project Green Tech Center Vejle 
 SDU project manager Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen 
 Additional partners - Syddansk Erhvervsskolde Odense - Vejle
- GridManager A/S
- Insero Energy A/S 
Region of southern denmarkEuropean union

Sidst opdateret: 06.01.2023