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Driver Coach

Project description

While the sector gradually decarbonizes, the transportation sector remains a major contributor to climate gas emissions. Efficiency strategies focus on fuel efficiency and increasingly rely on improved fleet management software. The current growth booster in the fleet management industry is management of driver performance. Studies of driver performance show a significant potential for increased fuel-efficiency of 10% or more.

The leading Danish fleet management platform provider SkanTech ApS has ideated a new system operating model that can un-lock this driver management potential. Central and new to the industry is to target driver behavior with a system that supports the driver and predicts real-time coaching needs while on route to achieve a lasting behavioral change. Classroom training and supervised on-the-job-training each 5 years are replaced to a very large extent by this paradigm, which moves the training from the classroom and into the vehicle.

The DRIVER COACH system will apply innovative advanced technology to deliver superior fuel efficiency above and beyond the current state-of-the-art. This is achieved by the real-time continuous nudging of drivers towards best-practice performance in driving style. The new DRIVER COACH operating model includes an AI supported analysis of the style of the individual driver and exploits infrastructure GIS mapping to predict immediately upcoming infrastructure elements that offer fuel saving opportunities for any driver on any route.

The DRIVER COACH is also an on-the-job training platform that reduces training costs and empowers drivers for style proficiency much faster than can be had from traditional training paradigms. This has particular importance when shifting from traditional to electric or hybrid vehicles, as the most efficient driving style is very different in e-vehicles.

Project summary

Project period 01-02-2022 to 31-01-2025
Total budget DKK 19.628.060
Funding agency EUDP
Organization managing the project SkanTech ApS
SDU project manager Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen
Additional partners - UCplus
- A Close Shave 
- Keolis
- Arriva
- PostNord

Sidst opdateret: 06.01.2023