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Danish participation in IEA IETS Annex Task XVIII - Digitization, artificial intelligence and related technologies for energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industry

Project Description

This Annex XVIII: Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry seeks to advance knowledge and development of digitalization, artificial intelligence and related technologies to improve the economic and environmental performance of targeted energy and GHG intensive industries. The initiative would seek to assemble a network of academic, research labs, IT providers and process industry stakeholders to cooperate on the availability, quality and use of data (quality, quantity, location, operational, energy, etc.); align capacity; and inform decision-making relevant to the targeted sectors.

The overarching aim of Annex XVIII is therefore to stimulate the adoption of digitalization technologies for energy efficiency improvement and GHG emissions reduction in the process industries. To achieve the overarching Annex XVIII aim, Annex XVIII has a number of specific objectives relating to the tasks of 1) Assessment Studies, 2) Methods and Applications of Digital Twins, 3) Lessons Learned and Created Values by Digitalization, 4) Looking Forward: Digitalization Implementation Roadmaps.

Project Summary
Project period 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2024
Total budget DKK 3.340.000
Funding agency EUDP
Organization managing the project SDU Center for Energy Informatics
SDU project manager Zheng Grace Ma
Additional partners - PROACTIVE A/S
- 3Tech Automation A/S
- Weel & Sandvig Energi og Procesinnovation ApS
- Danmarks Tekniske Universitet DTU

Sidst opdateret: 06.01.2023