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Indsendte og godkendte videnskabelige publikationer, som endnu ikke er publiceret:

  1. T. Lei, K. Engelbrecht, K.K. Nielsen and C.T. Veje, “Study of Geometries of Active Magnetic Regenerators for Room Temperature Magnetocaloric Refrigeration”. Accepted, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2015.
  2. M. Kuhrmann and D. Méndez Fernández, “On the Use of Variability Operations in Software Process Lines”, (in press) Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (Special Issue of ICSSP 2014, invited article), Wiley, 2014.
  3. M. Kuhrmann and D. Méndez Fernández, “From Pragmatic to Systematic Software Process Improvement: An Evaluated Approach”, (in press, available online, issue assignment pending) IET Software, IET, 2015.
  4. G. Theocharis, M. Kuhrmann, J. Münch and P. Diebold, “Is Water-Scrum-Fall Reality? On the Use of Agile and Traditional Development Practices”, (accepted for publication) in International Conference on Product Focused Software Development and Process Improvement (PROFES), Springer, 2015.
  5. H. R. Shaker, "Fault recoverability analysis via cross-gramian" in 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, 2016.
  6. M. G. Wollsen and B. N. Jørgensen, “Artificial Neural Network Combined With Automatic Feature Selection for Local Temperature Forecasting”, in Neurocomputing Special Issue, 2015. (In review).
  7. A.K. Singh and C.T. Veje, “System Development for Storing Heat Energy in Sand”, in 9th International Conference on Multiphase Flow (ICMF 2016), May 22 to 27, 2016 in Firenze, Italy, 2016.
  8. A.F. Haubjerg, C.T. Veje, B. Simonsen and B.N. Jørgensen, “Deep Bed Drying of Extruded Fish Feed: Development of a Mathematical Model” in Drying Technology (submitted November 2015). (In review).
  9. A.K. Singh and C.T. Veje, “Finite Element Implementation for Phase-Change Phenomena Operating the Volume Translated Peng-Robinson Equation of State”, in Journal of Computational Physics, (Submitted on October 2015).
  10. A.K. Singh, S.F. Svane, K.T. Kristensen, C.T. Veje and C.S. Jensen, “Two phase model for capillary water flow in root screening facility: Model development and validation”, in Journal of Hydrology, (Submitted on September 2015).
  11. M. Jradi and S. Riffat, “Testing and Performance Analysis of a Hollow Fibre-Based Core for Evaporative Cooling and Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification”, Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Green Energy.
  12. Ma Z., B. N. Jørgensen, and Z. Prljaca (forthcoming), Global Smart Grid Transferability: Insights from Europe, the U.S., and China, in Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 2016.

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