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Jesper Nylandsted


Jesper Nylandsted, cand.scient, PhD, professor

Work/research interests

Jesper Nylandsted is Professor at Cancer and Inflammation Research Unit, Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark, and Group Leader at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen:

Dr. Nylandsted leads the Membrane Integrity Group and has extensive expertise within molecular mechanisms of membrane repair and cell death signaling. His research focuses on cell repair mechanisms in cancer and other human disorders, and novel approaches to target cancer cells by compromising membrane integrity. His work is characterized by interdisciplinary research within molecular and cellular cancer biology, theoretical/experimental physics with a core expertise in live-cell imaging techniques. Fundamental mechanisms of cell membrane repair and homeostasis are deciphered by integrating physics-based analysis of both simple and complex in vitro model systems, with the molecular interactions and cellular phenomena that drive membrane repair in vivo.

The group studies repair mechanisms across a wide range of cancers, which are of clinical significance to develop novel strategies to target cancer cells broadly for future therapy.

The goal is to develop novel approaches that can be directly translated into clinically relevant concepts, methodologies and tools.

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