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Grith Lykke Sørensen




Head of the group 

Grith Lykke Sørensen
Professor, PhD, DMSci
Syddansk Universitet
Department of Molecular Medicine
Cancer and Inflammation Research Unit 
JB Winsløws Vej 25.3
5000 Odense C
+45 21356098

Work/Research interests 
Biomarker development
Cardiovascular and lung pathophysiology
Drug development including testing
Innate immunity with emphasis on surfactant protein mediated immunity
Matrix and cancer biology
Organ fibrosis

      Methods and techniques

Standard protein chemistry and molecular biology methods
Recombinant protein expression and purification
Cell culture
Animal disease models (various in mice and rats)

Collaborations within SDU
Professor Boye Lagerbon Jensen, IMM
Professor Uffe Holmskov
Associated professor
Jonas Heilskov Graversen, IMM
Associated professor Maria Bloksgaard, IMM
Associated professor Kirsten Madsen, IMM
Associated professor Kim Ravnskjær, BMB
 several OUH collaborations

Support received from
Augustinusfonden, The Danish Innovation Foundation, Novo Nordisk endocrinology and metabolism grant, Bioinnovaton Institute PoC, Novo Nordisk Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine, The Danish Research Council grant, Novo Nordisk Pre-Seed grant, The Lundbeck Foundation.

Information for students
Students at all levels are welcome to take contact for an informal discussion of possibilities for execution of a study. We are an ambitious group and our main focus at present is drug development. Accordingly, a main objective is currently to characterize and test the therapeutic capacity of our inhouse developeds drugs in various models in vitro and in vivo. We can offer studies at all levels (bachelor, ITEK, master, pregraduate, PhD). We expect you to be dedicated and work full time (including courses). The studies we can offer will change over time.

Example of short study (bachelor/ITEK): Expression and test of therapeutic inhibitor in cell culture proliferation

Example of master/pregraduate study: Interventional trial in mouse disease model

Example of PhD-study: Animal study with test of intervention in mouse disease model, and exploration of mechanism in cell cultures, combined with target analysis of human tissue samples.

Members of the research group 

Lab technician Vicki Nielsen,
Lab technician Tine Rasmussen,
Assistant professor Jesper Bonnet Moeller, IMM
Assistant Professor Bartosz Pilecki,
Associate Professor Anders Schlosser,

And students

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