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Gæsteforelæsning Foredrag

28.09.2022   kl. 11:15 - 12:15

Foredrag: Ulf. B. Christensen, direktør og stifter af Pentabase

Forskning i det private

Come by and listen to a successful entrepreneur in the field of cancer diagnostic and Real Time PCR-test analysis.
Ulf B. Christensen is the founder of PentaBase, whose goal is to improve the treatment of cancer patients worldwide. In addition, PentaBase strives to use their advanced technology to reduce sickness absence and contribute with highly sensitive diagnostic tests.

Presentation highlights:
• Inventor of Intercalating Nucleic Acid - INA®
• Seizing the opportunity – SARS-CoV-2
• Aiming to revolutionize healthcare of cancer patients I look forward to meeting you and talking about the future of diagnostic technologies.

About Ulf B. Christensen and PentaBase:
PentaBase is a Danish, science-driven company located in Odense. PantaBase is built on unique DNA technologies, creating innovative workflows and PCR analyses. We are enabling personalised treatment using sensitive, specific and robust monitoring of genetic biomarkers.
Ulf B. Christensen graduated in 1999 as a M.Sc. at SDU in Odense and then employed a few years by SDU before making the jump to become an entrepreneur. Ulf has reached many great milestones both as a scientist and as a CEO. He published his first publication in 2002, and started his first biotech business in 2001.
Ulf and his team of employees have achieved many impressive results, also being noticed by non-scientist organisations. For example, PentaBase (and 999 other companies) is chosen as “Årets Succesvirksomhed 2021” and nominated to both “Årets Ejerleder 2021” and “Entrepreneur of the year 2021” awards. In addition, Ulf has obtained several patents and patent applications that continuously contributes to future research.
Ulf B. Christensen adds: “As a researcher in the private sector, I have had great opportunities in terms of coming up with ideas and being able to decide how much of the available resources that should be put into that specific idea. This have giving me the opportunity, in collaboration with my valued employees, to work fast on some ideas and return to others when time allowed. It is really satisfying to see some of the products being used in patient care in real life.”

This lecture takes place at the DIAS auditorium and is open for everyone. The lecture will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel.