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01.06.2022   kl. 11:15 - 12:15

Kaare Christensen: Why do we age so differently?

DIAS lecture
Over the last many generations, there has been remarkable progress in human lifespan and health. However, these trends overlook great variability in the aging process within generations. What drives these differences across and within generations? What are the roles of socioeconomic conditions, environmental factors, genetics, family environment, and chance? This talk will summarize insights obtained from a series of Danish studies of twins, the very old, and longevity-enriched families.

About Kaare Christensen
Professor Kaare Christensen, MD, PhD, DMSc, is the Head of Research at the unit for Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography (EBB) at the Department of Public Health at SDU.

Professor Kaare Christensen is a medical doctor (1987). He has a PhD degree (1994) from Odense University and a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree (1999) from University of Southern Denmark. He has, for more than a decade, been Director of both the Danish Twin Registry and The Danish Aging Research Center and has acted as co-PI for the US NIH-funded research program Long Life Family Study.

This lecture will be held at O-DIAS Seminarrum and can be viewed on our Youtube channel the following week