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Donna Hurford

Donna HurfordMy name is Donna Hurford. I am a senior educational consultant in the SDU Centre for Teaching and Learning.  

My graduate education is in school and university education. I have university teaching and research experiences from Denmark and the UK.  

I am particularly interested in how to integrate internationalisation of the curriculum, addressing bias, and Sustainable Development Goal education into university education. 

I provide support in my role as a cohort leader for the Lecturer Training Program (LTP), through shorter staff development courses and as a consultant. As the latter, I especially value opportunities to collaborate with teachers and leaders on ways to integrate bias-aware teaching and learning, internationalisation at home, and SDG education because I regard these as fundamental to critical thinking and inclusive higher education. An example: I have collaborated with colleagues on reviewing and translating the Introduction to SDGs course, which is an offer to first-year Bachelor students. I also offer study program leaders, a mapping process to identify where SDG education is already evident in course descriptions and offer suggestions for its further integration. 

My engagement in the LTP leads me to work with teachers like Alev Kuruoglu, who is a project worker at the Department for Consumption, Culture and Commerce. She has among other things collaborated with SDUUP regarding diversity and inclusion. She mentions that the collaboration with SDUUP has been very rewarding:

”I finished the Lecturer Training Program, where I benefited a lot from the guidance especially of Donna and Vibeke. My project for the LTP was on developing and co-hosting a podcast geared towards students (as well as our academic community). Donna gave me feedback and made suggestions as to how better to integrate the podcast in my teaching and how to get students to be interested in participating as guests on the podcast, as well. In connection to this, I also was in contact with Christopher Kjær, who very helpfully connected me and my cohost Anuja Pradhan to Karsten Prinds, who is in the department of Journalism and who is currently the producer of our podcast.” 


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