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Netværk for Digital Litteraturforskning

Bevillingshaver: Sofie Kluge
Periode: 2018-2022

Webside: Network_for_Digital_Literary_Studies

Network for Digital Literary Studies unites people from four Danish research institutions and is directed by associate professor Sofie Kluge, IKV.

In the field of literary studies, digitalization presents a whole array of exciting new scientific perspectives. Firstly, it famously possibilitates analysis of larger text corpora; secondly, it makes possible the analysis of literary texts in a broader cultural field to which social media, among other forms of communication, also belong; finally, it has clear pedagogic and communicative advantages. Yet, although earlier skepticism has today been broadly replaced by interest in the possibilities that digital methods and tools open up in literary research, Danish literary scholars have not systematically pursued these possibilites nor has the potential of digitalization to transform traditional literary scholarship been fulfilled. Much less do existing digital tools and ressources reach students of literature at Danish universities.

Network for Digital Literary Studies unites Danish literary researchers with software developers and international spearheads in order to 1) develop concepts for digital literary research and 2) revise the central elements of traditional literary studies from the perspectives opened up by digitalization.
In continuation of both these aims, our work is directed at developing concepts for digital literary studies; presenting prototypes, pilot projects and cases for digital literary research; and quality improving existing literary research projects with a digital profile.