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Nordisk Forum for Designhistorie

Scandinavian Journal of Design History

Content of vol. 1-15


Editorial / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen

The council chambers in the UN Building in New York / by Ingeborg Glambek

Glass storage jars by Electrolux / by Thomas Lindblad

Russian inspiration on Norwegian enamel- and silversmith’ art / by Widar Halén

The legacy of Ulm. A Finnish perspective on industrial design and design education in the 1960s and 1970s / by Susann Vihma

Contact with Ulm / by Kerstin Wickman

Norway before Bauhaus. The teaching of Norwegian Design 1919-1952 / by Kirsten Ruud Salomonsen


Is the aim still the same? 
Museums of Decorative Art in the 21st Century / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen

Throughout any scale. 
Design as Thinking in Totalities / by Anders V. Munch

Influence of “Universal Design Principles” on the idea of haute couture. The Aesthetics of Charles Blanc / by Louise Fussing

“The miracle of Milan”. 
Finland at the 1951 Triennial / by Harri Kalha

A short Essay on National Aspects in Danish applied Art around 1900 / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen


Editorial: A Challenge!

Patterns of Culture in Global Fashion: Production, Representation and Agency / by Lise Skov

A Plus for Norwegian Design: Aiming for Design in the "Golden Age" of Norwegian Decorative Art / by Wenche Anette Johannessen 

Blonde Wood among the Gum Trees: Scandinavian Influences in Furniture Design in Australia, 1930-1975 / by Simon Jackson

The Add
House Style: Swedish Modern as a Sales Argument in the 1950s / by Helena Kåberg

Formative Design Developments in Iceland: The Heritage of G.F. Hetsch / by Arndís S. Árnadóttir

Museum-like": The Role of the Nordic Museums in Relation to the Lunning Prize and its Intentions / by Astrid Skjerven

Visionaries and Weathercocks: Norwegian Furniture Design c. 1920-1965 / by Kjetil Fallan

The Mysterious Oilcloth Wall Covering: Aspects of the Production of Wall Coverings in the 18th Century / by Ewa Kron


On Seeing Design as Redesign: An Exploration of a Neglected Problem in Design Education / by Jan Michl

Myths and Mysteries of Finnish Design: Reading "Wirkkala" and the National Nature Paradigm / by Harri Kalha

"Easier Said Than Done": Craft, Design and Industry in the Year 2001 / by Ursula Munch-Petersen

The Artist and the Craftsman: A Successful Combination in the Swedish Glass Industry / by Gunnel Holmér

Designers, Glass Makers and Rationalisation / by Kaisa Koivisto

Changing Meanings of a Piece of Furniture: Variations on the Theme of a Sauna Stool / by Mirva Mattila

Batik in the 1920s: an Old Technique for Modern Textiles / by Kirsten Toftegaard


Rhetoric and action: Design policies in Finland at the beginning of the third Millennia / by Pekka Korvenmaa

Has design history anything to do with art history? / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen

Three theories of quality / by Magnus Rönn

Design as Gesamtkunstwerk: Historical transformations of a vision from Wagner and Morris to Verner Panton / by Anders V. Munch

"The Gothic service" and the indtroduction of service à la Russe in Scandinavia / Widar Halén

"Bygge och Bo": The building and home exhibitions, forerunner to the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition / by Maria Perers

A matter of taste: Cubist printed furnishing from the 1950s. A subjective and aesthetic perspective / by Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen

Constructivism and children's books in Soviet avant-garde propaganda art / by Tatiana Saarinen

Trumping trompe-l'oeil / by Reese Palley


A jury member's notes: Erik Folcker in Turin 1902 / by Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark.

Tasteless "japonaiseries"?: The concept of kitsch in two collections of japonaiseries / by Anna Kortelainen.

Kaj Franck & Kilta: Gendering the (aesth)ethics of modernism / by Harri Kalha

The hunt for authentic tradition: Or how Irish applied arts were conceived in Copenhagen / by Steen Ejlers

The offset philosophy in practice: Posters by the artits of the "Eks-skole" / by Lars Morell

What's the point / by Mirham Gelfer-Jørgensen

Art textile in the architectural space: The Finnish experience / by Kirsti Salo-Mattila

Fine flax, good yarn and proper weaving: Factory textile production in the 19th century / by Charlotte Paludan

Is all human creation design?: Review article / by Hanne Horsfeld


Anna Petrus: a forgotten Decorative Artist / by Marie Rehnberg.

Modern Swedish design in France / by Kerstin Wickman.

The patent that revolutionised the furniture industry the world over / by Widar Halén.

Markets, marketing and design: the Danish furniture industry c. 1947 - 1967.

Vernacular furniture crafts to design: Icelandic Furniture 1900-1945 / by Árndis S. Árnadóttir.

Untangling the Scandinavian Blonde: modernity and the IKEA PS Range Catalogue 1995 / by Susan Hove.

The Finnish glass designer: Kaisa Koivisto / by Göran Hongell.

The industrial designer Sigvard Bernadotte / by Karl Gustavson and Yngve Nygren.


Design-business interaction : an anthropological excursion into two professional cultures / by Karen Lisa G. Salamon.

Present-day Swedish furniture manufacturing and design / by Gunilla Frick.

The Scandinavian ideal : a model for design in Ireland / by Paul Caffrey.

Innovations-fusions-provocations : Verner Panton´s Seating 1955-1970 / by Hanne Horsfeld.

Norwegian Wood? : Scandinavian Design in Britain 1950-65 / by Kevin Davies.

A Norwegian toilet and jewelery set of regal dimensions / by Widar Halén.

History in glass : the Hoen Goblet / by Randi Gaustad.

The role of a decorative arts museum : mirror of society or independent "oasis" / by Anniken Thue.

Helena Dahlbäck Lutteman in memoriam / by Dag Widman.


Arne Jacobsen and his laminated chairs / by Bård Henriksen.

Designing a room of one's own : the architect Aino Mariso-Aalto and Artek / by Renja Souminen-Kokkonen.

Twentieth century Danish furniture design and the English vernacular tradition / by Kevin Davies.

Architects in Danish graphic design / by Steen Ejlers.

Neo-Empire : another classicism in Danish furniture / by Kirsten Nørregaard Pedersen.

Thomas Wardle once more / by Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark.

Ferdinand and Anna Boberg's remarkable design for the decorative arts / by Ann Thorson Walton.

Cultural values and tangible forms : the construction of artefacts and cultural identity / by Merete Christensen.

Design for quality of life / by Tore Kristensen.

Connections : important tasks for art and design libraries / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen.


Ursula : the craftsman returns to industry / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen.

"Vævestuen" : the national tradition as basis for modern weaving / by Ingeborg Cock-Clausen.

Radical change or stagnation? : Swedish post-war decorative art / by Gunilla Frick.

"Material, technique, and requirements" : Arne Korsmo's flatware / by Astrid Skjerven.

A paradise called Finland / by Kerstin Smeds.

Beautiful glass for everyone / by Kaisa Koivisto.

The problem of the nestable chair : from the Z chair to the Boman chair / by Maija Mäkikallo.

Glass and milk : new materials in Astris Stampe's textiles / by Marianne Erikson.

Women in Finnish textile design : a successful group of artists / by Päikki Priha.


Poetry in glass : Émile Gallé and the Danish Museum of Decorative Art / by Marianne Ertberg.

Ceramic sculpture : a synthesis of form and color / by Hanne Honnens De Lichtenberg.

The lion and the coffee cup : a traditional craft in a modern design context / by Harri Kalha.

Memories of the weaver Gerda Henning / by Vibeke Klint.

Swiss shantung, French chintz, and English cretonne : a Swedish interior design company's imports in the 1930s / by Sigrid Eklund Nyström.

Marie Gudme Leth : a pioneer in Danish textile design / by Charlotte Paludan.

National typography : as examplified by Akke Kumlien / by Magdalena Gram.


The virtues of craft : a key to rejuvenation og Scandinavian design? / by Tore Kristensen.

Modern eclecticism or aesthetic kinship? : reflections on 20th-century Japan inspiration / by Harri Kahla.

Gerhard Munthe and "The movement that from Japan is moving across Europe now" / by Widar Halén.

Apropos : a classicist-Japonist symbiosis / by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen.

Splendor in defeat : Danish court jewelry by Paul Kurtz and his workshop / by Jørgen Hein.


Interior design, a neglected field of Scandinavian art history / by Anne-Berit Skaug.

The story of Kaj Dessau's BO, 1928-1941 : a domicile for Scandinavian design / by Lise Osvald.

A positive influence : the impact of Scandinavian design in Britain during the 1950s / by Lesley Jackson.

The great age of statuettes : Danish decorative sculpture, 1900-1925 / by Maria Fabricius Hansen.

The art journal as an artistic gesture : an experiment named Flamman / by Magdalena Gram.

A chess table of papier-mâché / by Ida Haugsted.

Taking taste seriously : Peter Lloyd Jones on the role of appreciation in consumerism and design / by Jan Michl.


Theophilus Hansen's model drawings, his contribution to an important Danish model book / by Ida Haugsted.

Beauty and taste : V. Christesen, jewelry and silver manufacturer, 1850-1900 / by Kirsten Rykind-Eriksen.

The pattern world of Thomas Wardle / by Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark.

Pioneers - ideals and their application, studio pottery in Finland / by Harri Kalha.

Gunnar Cyrén, a Swedish designer / by Helena Dahlbäck Lutteman.

Lamb stew and lobster claws, Kirsten Nilsson's jewelry / by Åke Livstedt.

Once again the Kinastol / by Kristian Jakobsen.

The crisis of modernist design pedagogy, and its (possibly) gratifying consequences for museums of applied art / by Jan Mich


Ivories by Gottfried Wolffram / by Jørgen Hein.

Ornamentation seen as high art - the pioneering work of Owen Jones and Christopher Dresser / by Widar Halén.

"One of the age's noblest cultural movements" : on the theoretical basis for the Arts and Crafts Movement / by Ingeborg Glambek.

Furniture art or a machine to sit on? : Swedish furniture design and radical reforms / by Gunilla Frick.

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