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Kommende og nyligt afholdte arrangementer

19.09.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 10.00-11.00
Alvaro Rada Iglesias; Synergistic insulation of regulatory domains by developmental genes and clusters of CTCF sites

17.06.2024 PhD Forsvar Nicolai Ibsgaard Toft
Spatial and temporal gene regulation in the liver

17.06.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 14.00-15.00
Jerôme Eeckhoute; Molecular control of pathophysiological alteractions to liver cell identities

17.06.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 13.15-14.00
David Ray; Time for a change: Circadian factors in human metabolic health

07.06.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 10.15-11.15
Henriette Kirchner; MicroRNAs - Size doesn't matter

06.06.2024 PhD Forsvar Rocio Valdebenito Malmros
Dissecting microRNA-gene networks in obesity-induced adipocyte dysfunction

31.05.2024 PhD Forsvar Magnus Zimmermann Østergaard
Functional genetics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa stress-response systems and their relevance in bacteriophage defense

27.05.2024 PhD Forsvar Arthur Grimaud
Algorithms and workflow for the in-depth characterization of the PTM landscape and PTM crosstalk

25.04.2024 DIAS Auditorium 14.00-15.00
Christos Katsanos; Humans with obesity: Parts of the same puzzle

17.04.2024 DIAS Auditorium 11.15-12.15
Mitchell A. Lazar; The Emperor's New Data

16.04.2024 PhD Forsvar Laura Ingeborg Davidsen
Vascularized 3D adipose spheroids - a novel model to understand beige thermogenesis

15.04.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 11.15-12.15
Mitchell A. Lazar; Nuclear Receptors and the Transcriptional Regulation of Circadian Rhythms and Metabolism

10.04.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 12.00-13.30
Lykke Sylow; Molecular basis and clinical relevance of insulin resistance in cancer

05.04.2024 PhD Forsvar Marie Sejberg Øhlenschlæger
Characterizing brain organoids as model systems for neuronal research

02.04.2024 DIAS Auditorium 13.00-15.30
ATLAS 2.0 Kick-off Mini-Symposium






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