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The PhD programme in economics can be pursued at the SDU campuses in Odense and Esbjerg. Each campus and department has its own special field of interests and does cutting-edge research in most subfields within economics, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, resource and environmental economics and health economics. All departments have PhD students; the best place to go depends on the PhD student’s field of interest.

PhD courses are organised by the departments themselves as well as in collaboration with other foreign and domestic universities. The departments also participate in various international doctoral programmes which regularly offer top-quality courses within different subfields.

As part of the programme PhD students are expected to stay at a foreign university or research institution for 3-6 months. Previously, PhD students have been visiting University of Newcastle, University of Bergen, University of California San Diego, Simon Fraser University, New York University and Stanford University among other places. The senior researchers at the departments with programmes in economics cooperate with scholars at reputable universities all over the world. They assist in planning your research stay abroad.

With a PhD in economics from the University of Southern Denmark you have a broad range of career opportunities. Former students are now employed at Danish and international universities and international organisations and businesses such as The Danish National Bank, Danish Industry, the EU Commission, University of Copenhagen, Novo Nordic, Bayer Health Care and other places.

You can read more about the research profile of the three departments that presently accommodate PhD students in economics at the departments’ websites, and contact the PhD coordinators at the departments:

Department of Economics

PhD Coordinator, Professor Giovanni Mellace, e-mail: or telephone +45 6550 9294

Department of Business and Management

PhD Coordinator, Associate Professor Elke Weik, e-mail: or telephone +45 6550 7139

Department of Business and Sustainability

PhD Coordinator, Associate Professor Oliver Schnittka, e-mail: or telephone +45 6550 4230.

For further information about vacant PhD positions, application procedures, admission requirements, etc. please consult the PhD School’s website: or the PhD School Secretariat.

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