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“A Digital Twin Framework for Commercial Greenhouse Climate Control System”: PhD defense by Ying Qu

The Nordic horticultural industry relies on energy-intensive greenhouse systems, facing challenges in maintaining plant quality while reducing costs. Soaring European energy prices necessitate energy optimization, but current solutions struggle to meet industry demands due to complex climate control dynamics.

To address these problems, a Digital Twin of Greenhouse Climate Control (DT-GCC) framework is proposed in Ying’s PhD research to optimize the actuator operation schedule for minimizing energy consumption and production cost without compromising production quality.

Ying Qu presented and defended her PhD research on the Digital Twin of Greenhouse Climate Control (DT-GCC) framework. This innovative approach aims to optimize actuator operation schedules, minimize energy consumption and production costs, and maintain plant quality in commercial greenhouses, addressing the challenges faced by the Nordic horticultural industry.

Redaktionen afsluttet: 20.04.2023