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Green Corner

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  1. About

    At the Green Corner, fresh minds, and hands from all corners of the campus come together to support the university's sustainable development.


    The Green Corner is an open space in the library at Campus Sønderborg for students and staff where sustainable ideas are shaped, plans are put together and projects are launched, all with the objective to make the campus more sustainable. We also raise awareness among students and staff about the sustainable achievements and ambitions of SDU.


    We already have Green Alsion, which brings together the forces of the various organizations belonging to Alsion to work together on implementing the green transition. Green Corner follows the same path by making a material available to the students. With this, we hope to equip the students and staff to actively contribute to the green transition.


    The library's Green Corner focuses on the following tasks:

    It is an open space for students and staff on the subject of sustainability. The library, in collaboration with Green Alsion group and other university faculty members, provides an overview of all ongoing activities and the people on campus who are involved in the topic of sustainability.

    Green Corner provides support to transform students’ and staff’s ideas into real, ongoing projects. The support is provided in the form of advice, a collaboration space, and networking. There will also be access to materials on the green transition and global measurement, which will inform and motivate the students to implement green measures in their own everyday life.

    Green Corner eliminates the gap between students, staff and the university itself. It gives everyone an equal voice in the design of sustainable projects by turning the Green Corner into a Co-design Space where workshops will be held, and people can regularly come and participate in the various projects to create a more sustainable world.

    Who we are?

    The Green Corner project was initiated by the library in collaboration with other faculty members. Want to speak to one of our team members directly? Then find them in the contact part at the bottom of the page.

  2. Get involved

    We'd like to express a warm welcome to everyone who wants to get involved and we are excited to find you a perfect role within our green community.


    Become a volunteer:

    We would not be able to achieve many of the things that we do without the help of our great volunteers! There are many ways to join the Green Corner as a volunteer. We are always looking for like-minded people, who are eager to work on sustainable projects in their free time.

    Current volunteer positions:

    Green Corner Guide Developer

    Sustainability Blogger

    Communication Assistant

    Green Corner Event Organizer

    Depending on your preference and availability, you can choose to take up one or more roles within the team. You can contact Project Team for more information.

    Let your green ideas grow here:

    You are welcome to come up with green ideas and use the Green Corner, where there are facilities and materials available for you in the place.


    A space to work and host events:

    Do you need a space to work on your sustainable project with your students or individually? At the Green Corner, we have enough spots for you to work, meet and plan your next green initiative. Making a reservation is not necessary. Do you want to host an event at the Green Corner? So contact the project team in the library.


    If you have a good idea for something we can do more sustainably, we’d love to hear from you, too. If you have a suggestion for a sustainability effort, please contact the project team.


  3. Themes

    Co-design workshop:

    Green Corner is a space for “creative collaboration”. You are welcome to stop by and use the facilities either as a group or individually.

    Green Literacy:

    The library has provided sustainability-related resources and services.

    Book collection

    There is a book collection on environmental themes, available in the Green Corner. It concerns community awareness and engagement on climate change, resilience, environmental impact, and a sustainable future, and students can use the collection to familiarize themselves with sustainability and develop their knowledge and understanding.


    Also, the library has developed a Libguide on sustainability to curate knowledge, share information and showcasing any form of materials about sustainability.

    Remember that you are always welcome visit the library if you want help finding books and other information.

    Get green with book- swapping:

    Are you an Eco-aware reader? There is a place in the Green Corner, where students & staff donate and drop off their textbooks and fictions, which they don’t need anymore. The true cost of owning a new book is largely environmental rather than financial.

    Physical copies of books have more mileage when they are shared amongst people. Books are like clothes…they are made to be used many times over and loved for many years instead of being single use.

    We encourage you to read books sustainably, and drop your books, which are no longer of use to you.


    Games for Sustainability or Environmental games are ‘designed experiences’ with the aim to create profound experiences that tap into a range of human emotions, from fear and aggression to joy and wonder.

    In the Green Corner, you will find a range of board games, card games and digital games. Allow yourself to explore, experiment and question different approaches and ideas and learn from this experience.

  4.  Contact

The Green Corner is located at the library - Campus Sønderborg.

Everyone is welcome to come by our corner to study or work, to relax and
ultimately to engage with the sustainable development of Campus.

You can reach us by mail sending to any of members for any questions
that you might have.

Head of Library, Project leader for Green Corner

Martin Præ
Librarian, Coordinator for Green Corner



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