Concluded projects

Smart Grid Ready Energy Cost Efficient Lighting System for Green House Horticulture

Power Monitor
The purpose of the project is to test, modify, demonstrate, and document an alarm that monitors technical installations and electricity consuming machines and devises with the purpose of reducing the energy consumtion and optimize the performance.

A Living Lab for Energy Efficient Public Buildings based on ICT solutions
The project goal is to establish a living lab for improving the energy efficiency of public buildings based on ICT solutions that account for the behaviour of occupants. Buildings account for a high energy consumption as buildings are responsible for around 40 % of the energy consumption in Denmark it is important to improve the energy efficiency of buildings to minimize the total energy consumption.


Smart Grid Ready Energy Cost Efficient Lighting System for Green House Horticulture

This project will enable commercial greenhouses to become prosumers by developing the Next generation of energy cost  efficient supplemental lighting systems, that utilize the physiological flexibility of crops to provide balancing services in the Danish Smart Grid anno 2020.


Optimization of heat distribution in autoclaves
KEA Phønix and Center for Energy Information in collaboration on optimization of heat distribution in autoclaves.


Green Growing
This project has to aims. The one aim is to spread out the knowledge already available about saving energy in the greenhouse growing industry. The second aim is to create new knowledge, that can reduce energy costs in commercial greenhouses. 


Micro Grid Living Lab
The Micro Grid Living Lab is s platform that provides the opportunity for businesses:
• to develop and test new products in cooperation with researchers
• to test their product i a grid consisting of other products and end-users

Intelligent control of lighting based on daylight, weather forecasts and energy prices

Energy research in artificial lighting has shown, that if the artificial light sources are dynamically controlled, significant energy savings can be achieved. In office lighting significant energy savings has been achieved by combining an energy efficient lighting system with daylight and contrast control. In some cases up to 75% compared to the existing installation.