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Addressing Climate Anxiety Using Flash Fiction in the Classroom


June 2024

On June 14th and 15th 2024, postdoc Leonardo Nolé participated in the "Infrastructures of Extraction, Infrastructures of Representation" conference at the University of Southampton (UK), where he presented on literary representations of extractivist violence and infrastructural failures during the climate crisis.

On June 5th,  Associate Professor Bryan Yazell (PI) participated in a one-day workshop at the University of Edinburgh’s “Citizen Science Showcase.” Here, Assoc. Prof. Yazell presented some of the initial findings from the ongoing DFF project and elaborated on its citizen science methodology, which involves the use of flash fiction writing.


January 2024

The “Red Carpet” event was held at SDU on 29 January 2024, which included 125 students from local schools. The event provided an opportunity for the researchers to reflect on the second pilot version of the “Climate Future Fiction” project and award outstanding stories from the young authors in attendance. 
Speakers at the event included the head of the Climate Cluster, Sebastian Mernild (SDU), climate youth activist Shelot Masithi (Force of Nature; Executive Director of She4Earth), and author Charlotte Weitze. 

Red Carpet

Red Carpet

November 2023

On 14 November 2023, SDU hosted a kickoff event for the Citizen Science Project, “Climate Future Fiction.” Students from local schools (Middelfart Gymnasium, Svendborg Gymnasium, Mulernes Legatskole, Sct. Knuds Gymnasium, and Odense Katedralskole) participated to contribute flash-fiction stories that imagine the future impact of climate change. Associate Prof. Bryan Yazell (PI), Prof. Patricia Wolf, and Asst. Prof. Karl Attard facilitated the workshop along with partners in the SDU Citizen Science Center. The stories generated from this event provide core data for the ongoing DFF project. 

September 2023

On September 19th, Associate Professor Bryan Yazell (PI) and Professor Patricia Wolf (Advisory Board Member) presented a co-authored paper at the 24th annual CINet Conference in Linz, Austria: Climate Fiction for Leveraging High School Student’s Far-Future Climate Perspectives. The paper outlines the flash-fiction writing methodology that drives the current DFF project and reflects on a pilot version of the project which was conducted last fall.


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