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Rimephas – Robotic Interface for Motivating and Educating Proper Hand Sanitization

Bevillingshaver: Emanuela Marchetti
Periode: 2021


This project starts as a spinoff of the Rethicare project, which is being conducted in cooperation with the Bauhaus University in Weimar -

The goal of these projects is to investigate the design of innovative robot technologies for healthcare addressing the needs of aging adults, eventually affected by various degree of dementia.

The Rimephas project is primarily concerned with the Covid-19 epidemic and how public caring institutions and schools are addressing the increasing need for hygiene practices. The prototypes developed through the project focus on investigating healthcare from a playful perspective, trying to create technologies for hand sanitization which could be useful and amusing. In that respect, the design of the prototype has explored zoomorphic and abstract shapes for the device, narratives and animations to create amusing instructional videos for children in primary schools and teenagers in gymnasiums.