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Become an idea generator and product developer with comprehensive engineering knowledge and business acumen

This product application or service could surely be done much better, you think. This study programme is relevant if you already have a bachelor-degree in engineering and want to specialize in Product design, technological development or innovation. The MSc in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation, PDI) is an interdisciplinary study programme with special emphasis on the interaction of technology and social sciences with the surrounding world.

With a degree in PDI you will get an education in product development and Innovation with engineering e and innovation management knowledge. As a student you gain fundamental knowledge about the development of products, service and system processes. The Master study programme integrates scientific analytical skills in design engineering with technology and innovation management in product and service system development and innovation processes. New technologi may open to new opportunities, but it is people who change the world- and you will learn the importance of both technology push and demand/market need pull for innovation to happen.

Business & management development

As a MSc in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation) you will learn business development across a company's different professional units. You can develop products, study the market and assess the product's market potential. We prioritise a creative approach and business understanding combined with traditional engineering skills.

Project and research-based learning environment

You will be part of a study-based and collaborative learning environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out projects within the allotted time. Projects typically come from companies, and we emphasise the importance of solving 'real life' challenges.

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