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What does the programme lead to?

Master of Science in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation) is a graduate engineering programme, which combines engineering with social science. A strong engineering background with real integration of marketing, management and business development aspects linking up to an assessment of new technologies creates a perfect background for educating project managers, who can take care of a part of or the entire product development process.

Product Development and Innovation (PDI) graduates are qualified to obtain jobs within three main directions:

  • Management of cross functional projects in global distributed networks requiring technical knowledge and analytical skills as well as a managerial approach to complex problems and structures.
  • Development of business opportunities as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs based on competencies within a particular specialization.
  • Academia as either a Ph.D. or an industrial Ph.D. and further career opportunities at the university as a researcher. 

The profile more specifically qualifies graduates to:

  • Obtain jobs in the area of integrated product development and design.
  • Design-led engineer: creating value in products and services, where unique features are integrated into the products based from user-experience based design.
  • Take on Product Management jobs, where technical knowledge, organizational understanding and competencies in marketing are needed at a high international level
  • Take on Project Management jobs, where design engineering may be done in a distributed team or in production networks.
  • Running technology-intensive innovation processes as an intrapreneur
  • Entrepreneur starting new ventures based on the discovery of new business opportunities in a local or global technology-driven market place.

Learning outcomes

What makes a graduate with an engineering degree in Product Development and Innovation especially attractive to the labour market? Below is an overview of the competencies you will have once graduated: general engineering competencies as well as the special competencies you will acquire in Product Development and Innovation.