MSc in Engineering - Robot Systems (Advanced Robotics Technology/Drones and Autonomous Systems)

As an engineering student you work in groups, collaborate with companies on projects, and you will be in high demand on the labour market.

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As a MSc in Engineering in Robot Systems you can take part in the development that occurs within drone- and robot systems. You can, for example, develop robots with artificial intelligence that recognizes different people and adapt to their needs - in hospitals, in industry and in private homes. Or you can work with drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) which inspects powerlines or buildings, helps in agriculture, delivers blood samples to hospitals or find people who have been injured in natural disasters.

As a master student you can choose one of two specializations: Advanced Robotics Technology and Drones and Autonomous Systems.

From September 2020 we offer a revised specialization in Drone Technology under the name MSc. in Robot Systems with specialization in Drones and Autonomous Systems. This entails a full four-semesters programme dedicated to drones and autonomous systems.

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