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Supplementing for a Master's degree programme

If you hold a relevant bachelor’s degree but lack a number of specific courses to fulfill the entry requirements for a Master’s programme, you may be apple to supplement your degree. Please note that you will have to pay for supplementary courses.

If you are still doing your bachelor’s it is easiest to take the lacking courses as elective courses. If this is not possible, you can follow relevant single courses in addition to the courses in your programme. You can supplement your degree with up to 30 ECTS worth of courses. You must pass all supplementary courses before you complete your degree.

If you have obtained a bachelor’s degree you need to apply for admission to a master’s programme before you can follow supplementary courses. For some master’s programmes, it is possible to be admitted under the condition that you follow one or more supplementary courses before study start or during the first one or two semesters of the master’s. Whether you can supplement after admission and to what extent, depends on the programme you apply for. Read more about your possibilities on the pages of each programme.
If you are admitted under the condition that you follow supplementary courses, the university will sign you up for the relevant courses.

Can you follow supplementary courses between your Bachelor’s and Master’s?
When assessing whether you fulfill the entry requirements, the university is not allowed to base its decision on courses, which you have passed between completing your bachelor’s degree and being admitted to a master’s degree. We cannot use courses you have completed prior to starting your Bachelor’s degree either.


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