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Bachelor's programmes

Test-based admission at SDU

At SDU, we set requirements for you and your fellow students. However, we also acknowledge that your grades don't necessarily reflect all your abilities. That's why every year, thousands of applicants participate in our test-based admissions process.

Test-based admission lets you showcase your abilities

When applying for admission before March 15th at 12:00, you will be invited to participate in SDU's admission test, uniTEST.

uniTEST demonstrates your abilities as a student

uniTEST assesses your abilities to think and solve problems in ways that are important for completing a university education.

So, we don't test you on a specific curriculum, and we don't expect you to know everything before you even start. In fact, we are primarily interested in your fundamental prerequisites for succeeding at the university. 

Learn more about uniTEST, and see sample questions

Practical information for participants in 2024

Some programmes have additional tests

For most of our programmes, the result of uniTEST alone determines whether you secure a study place in quota 2.

On some programmes, you may also need to participate in activities related to the education you've applied for. This could include an interview or a test assessing your knowledge in areas particularly relevant to the programme.  

Check the admission proces for:

Apply now

The application deadline is 15 March, 12 noon. Remember to register for uniTEST upon applying.

Last Updated 04.04.2024