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Become an expert in new technology and business

Innovation is only truly fun when it can turn the bottom line from red to black. To do that, you need idea and product developers with a substantial knowledge in and understanding of engineering as well as business.

With a Master of Science in engineering degree in Engineering, Innovation and Business you become an expert in analyzing new business opportunities, new technological opportunities and assess their commercial potential. For example, the programme gives you the necessary skills if you as an entrepreneur want to start your own business or if you want a career as a project manager or business developer in an existing company. The programme also gives you competences in digitalisation and automation so that you can also help with the digital transformation in companies.

The programme takes place in an international study environment, where teaching takes place in English.

You will acquire basic competencies in product- and process development – while at the same time specializing in a narrower subject field. In addition to engineering-related subjects, the study programme will focus business understanding such as finance and market research.

At the master programme you will work with, for example:

  • High Tech
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Automation and digitization of machines and production systems
  • Business administration and management
  • Smart product development
  • Innovation in practice through projects with industry
  • Business development and financing
  • Scientific methods

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Project based and research based study environment

You become part of a project based and problem based study environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out the project – and for meeting the deadlines. Usually we receive the project outlines from companies and we emphasize that the problems you solve are ‘real world’ problems. The last semester is devoted to the master thesis, which will typically be carried out at or in cooperation with an industrial company.

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Versatile career paths

With a degree in Engineering, Innovation and Business you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. Among other things, you could head innovation processes and the development of business concepts or you could choose a career as self-employed.

It is also possible to continue on a three-year research programme which will lead to a PhD degree. Another option is to study an industrial research programme which is carried out in close cooperation with a company where you are employed.

Graduates who have completed this master programme are entitled to use the title of Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering (Engineering, Innovation and Business).

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