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What does the programme lead to?

A Bachelor programme in Economics and Business Administration will give you the opportunity to apply for jobs in both private and public organisations. The “Global Business Relationships” profile means that you have the specific competences to see, develop, and solve issues of an international perspective in any job. 

Examples of job titles are:

Sales and marketing:

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Key account manager
  • Market analyst
  • Marketing director
  • Business developer 

Organisation and management: 

  • Recruitment consultant
  • Human resource manager
  • Project manager
  • Organisational consultant

The financial sector:

  • Customer adviser
  • Financial analyst

Accounting and financial management:

  • Controller
  • Budgeting
  • Chief accountant
  • Chief financial officer 
  • State-authorised public accountant (requires a MSc in Business Administration and Auditing)

Other options: 

  • Self-employed
  • Teacher
  • Researcher

The programme will thus provide you with the necessary academic prerequisites to hold a position in a highly qualified job within the field of business economics.


Programmes created in dialogue with the business community

Common to SDU's social science programmes is that they are constructed in close dialogue with the business community, which makes them useful after graduation.  Many of the programmes are internationally oriented, which ensures that you receive a diploma of international quality.