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Entry requirements and admission

To be eligible for admission, you must hold a qualifying upper secondary school degree, and you must have passed the following courses:

  • English level B
  • Mathematics level B
  • History level B or Social Sciences level B or History of Ideas level B or Contemporary History level B or International Economy level B

Course levels refer to the Danish high school system: A is advanced, B is intermediate, and C is beginner level.


You must fill out an online application form and attach relevant documentation via the Danish admission portal The application deadline for students with foreign degrees is March 15 at 12 noon.

The admission process

The study places are divided between two quotas, 'quota 1' and 'quota 2'. Within each of the two quotas, the study places are allocated based on different criteria. 

Quota 1: Study places are allocated based on GPA

Study places in quota 1 are allocated based on the applicants' grades. To be considered for a study place in quota 1, the grade point average of your qualifying degree must meet a minimum requirement.

To be considered for a study place in quota 1, your GPA must be equivalent to 6.0 or higher in the Danish grading scale - alternatively a grade in Mathematics B equivalent to 6.0 or higher. 

Please note that fulfilling the minimum requirement is no guarantee for admission. If there are more qualified applicants than study places, the study places are given to the applicants with the highest grade point averages.

Quota 2: Study places are allocated based on an entrance examination

After you submit your application, you will be invited to participate in an entrance examination. Participating puts you in a position for the study places in quota 2. The study places are offered to the applicants with the highest test scores.

You may choose to skip the entrance examination if you meet the minimum requirements for quota 1. However: By participating in the entrance examination, you will be optimizing your chance of admission.