Design of a Siemens eHighway System Implemented Across Funen

eHighway from Siemens © Used with permission from Siemens Press Picture Departement

Alexander Plougmann, Kristian Kvist & Magnus Værbak

Bachelor Thesis – Energy Technology - 2017

The thesis considers the Siemens eHighway concept, and the highway across Funen is used as a case study. The eHighway is a system where heavy duty vehicles, hybrids with pantographs on top, connect to overhead cables in order to receive power from the electricity grid.

The eHighway system will connect to the 10 kV power grid and include traction substations for down-transforming the voltage to 600 or 750 V. This concludes that 750 V causes lower requirements to the traction substations than 600 V.

If the eHighway system was implemented today, the power grid on Funen would be able to handle the extra amount of load. However, by 2050, the traffic is expected to have grown enough to make it necessary for an extra 60/10 kV transformer to be installed near the eHighway.

Collaboration partners: 
Siemens AG
Energiplan Fyn


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