The socio-economic potential of separating and using the bio-fraction from waste

© Mathias Green and Alexander Boye Petersen

Mathias Green and Alexander Boye Petersen

Bachelor Thesis – Energy Technology - 2015

This study aims at finding the socio-economic and environmental potential and added value of separating the bio-fraction from waste flows and using it as feedstock for biogas production.

The separation of the bio-fraction is considered by two different approaches: source separation and central separation of waste. The bio-fraction is further considered for making biogas and upgraded biogas. Costs and benefits are predicted and weighted from an economic, social and environmental point of view, in order to compare the two separation techniques and the utilization of the bio-fraction for biogas production. This is all compared to a baseline scenario representing the current incineration of waste.

The overall goal is to identify the optimal socio-economic method to separate and use of the waste flows and is limited to the household waste and other municipal waste flows on Funen.

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