Strategic energy planning, scenarios, and business models for energy initiatives in Herslev based on a holistic approach

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Tore Gad Kjeld, Mads Juhl Mikkelsen and Magnus Løvendal Petersen

Bachelor Thesis – Energy Technology - 2015 

This project examines aspects of an on-going strategic energy planning project, SEP 2.0, in a village named Herslev located in Southern Denmark. A holistic approach is used to expose the environmental, economically viable and social aspects of possible energy initiatives in Herslev. Mapping and analysis of energy consumption, technical solutions and related business cases is used to evaluate the best possible solution(s). The citizens has been involved throughout the project. 

Collaboration partners 
Fredericia Kommune - 
TREFOR Energy A/S - 
EMD International A/S, EnergyPRO - 
Energiplan Fyn - 

Research project relations 
This project draws inspiration and contributes to the project: SEP 2.0 in the municipalities of Fredericia, Kolding, Middelfart and Vejle.