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Entrance examination for European Studies

The Entrance Examination in 2024

Just now, we are planning next year's entrance examinations. During the fall semester you will find more information on this site. 

Below you will find information about last year's entrance examination. Our admission process is continually reviewed, so changes may occur from one year to another. 

We already know, however, that uniTEST will be part of the admission process and that the test will be held online in the period 5-20 April.

What is uniTEST?

uniTEST is a multiple choice test of your general study competencies. Therefor you will not be testet on your knowledge within specific subject areas, but on your general prerequisites for completing a university education.

During the test you will be asked questions to establish your ability to:

  • analyse, argue and make decisions (critical thinking)
  • solve problems based on general quantitative information such as numbers, spreadsheets and graphs (quantitative thinking)
  • understand a text as well as the social and cultural contexts it is an expression of (linguistic thinking).

The test will last for 2½ hours and consist of 95 questions.

How to participate

The test is conducted at SDU's campuses on April 15 and 16. You will only go through the test once, even if you apply for several programmes. You must take the test on the campus where your highest priority is located. 

Applicants with a foreign qualifying degree living outside of Denmark without a Danish CPR-number may choose to take the test online. Online tests are conducted on April 17 and 18. 

Learn more about uniTEST and see examples of questions

Do you need special test conditions? 

You can apply for special test conditions if you suffer from dyslexia, dyscalculia, or a physical disability or mental impairment.

Learn more about special test conditions during the entrance examinations

Last Updated 14.02.2023