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Be able to analyze regional, national, and transnational structures and developments

The BSc in European Studies analyses regional, national, and transnational structures and developments, introducing approaches from political science, cultural studies, history, and economics.

The programme is interdisciplinary and aims at providing the student with theoretical understanding, factual knowledge, and analytical abilities in four main areas: 

  • Politics and Institutions
  • Historical foundations of European integration
  • Regional development
  • International co-operation

As a graduate you will be able to employ methods enabling you to independently generate, organise, report, and manage development projects with a regional, national, and/or European focus. You will furthermore be able to communicate the results to stakeholders, policy makers, and the broader public in general.

Why you should study European Studies

  • Interdisciplinary programme
  • Small classes
  • Case-based teaching
  • Close contact with your lecturers
  • Diverse and international study environment
  • Opportunity to study or do an internship abroad
  • Taught by experts on the field
  • Broad opportunities for further education and career