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The research at the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science cover the main areas Computer Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Natural Science Didactics.

Mathematics and Computer Science are closely related; hence our research groups often work in areas in the intersection between the two. Furthermore, our researchers often work together in groups within areas that overlap or are connected.

In the area of Analysis you will find the groups Operator Algebra and Philosophy of Mathematics. Working on the field of Computational Science are the groups Computational Mathematics and Computational Quantum Field Theory. Algorithms are studied by the groups Cheminformatics, Online Algorithms and Graph Theory, while Data Science & Statistics consists of the groups Statistics, Bioinformatics and Data Science. On its own is the group Concurrency & Logic and the Laboratory for Coherent Education and Learning.

Under each area you can find a list of the involved researchers and a contact person to whom you can write if you have any questions.