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Centre for Clinical Proteomics

The Centre for Clinical Proteomics (CCP) is driven by pre-existing broad expertise in both basic and advanced proteomic research at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and by a tradition for translational research at the Clinical Institute at Odense University Hospital.

Clinical proteomics

Clinical proteomics is an interdisciplinary task, which demands the participation of both basic researchers, translational scientists and clinicians. Improvements in the research field depend on the capacity to cover aspects from development of mass spectrometry methods over cellular and molecular biochemistry to clinical science.

Clinical proteomics is the study of proteins involved in diseases in order to understand disease mechanisms, and be able to detect and monitor specific disorders, hereby improving patient care.

Research within clinical proteomics has been focused at presenting clinicians with tools for proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases by understanding the role of the proteins in both biology and pathology and applying this knowledge for early diagnosis and optimizing disease treatments.

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Scientists at SDU are  recognized worldwide for research in protein analysis by mass spectrometry. Numerous mass spectrometric-based proteomics strategies have been developed at the university, which are used by researchers all over the world; both concerning basic mass spectrometry analysis of peptides, post-translational protein modifications, as well as development of quantitative proteomics research tools. This basis has already given rise to several collaborations with medical scientist within the field of clinical proteomics.

Systems biology, functional genomics and proteomics are cutting-edge scientific disciplines that find applications in all areas of life sciences, molecular medicine and biotechnology. Proteomics, the systematic analysis of the protein content of cells, tissues and organisms, facilitates detailed understanding of tissue and cellular structure and function, including regulatory networks in both health and disease.

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