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ORION Nanofab and imaging lab

A Zeiss Orion NanoFab facility consisting of a multibeam ion microscope dedicated to micro- and nanofabrication and imaging.

Female researcher standing at the Orion NanoFab microscope



The lab is equipped with a Zeiss Orion NanoFab facility - a multibeam ion microscope dedicated to micro- and nanofabrication and imaging.

The heart of the Orion NanoFab is the field-ion-source that emits atomically sharp beams of helium and neon ions capable of generating high-resolution images and cutting out nanostructures.

The imaging system of the Orion microscope offers high material contrast, large focus depth and surface sensitivity significantly superior of the conventional scanning electron microscopy. The spatial resolution is in sub-nanometer range that is close to the resolution of transmission electron microscopes.

As a material structuring tool, the Orion NanoFab is amongst a few systems in the world, which cover both micro-machining to nano-machining applications.


Services for companies

  • Prototyping of micro- and nanostructures for a broad range of applications, including sensors, microfluidics components and micro- cooling systems
  •  High resolution imaging, including biological and life-science materials
  • Failure analysis of electronic components
  • Electronic and optical circuits editing

Technical specification of equipment

  • Three ion beams (Helium, Neon and Gallium) integrated in one instrument
  •  Imaging resolution: higher than 0.5 nm
  • Fabrication tools: structuring by Ion-beam milling and by ion-beam chemical decomposition, in a sub-10 nm to µm range
  • Charge compensation: by an electron flood gun
  • Fabrication software: nano-patterning and visualisation engine (NPVE)


Till Leißner

Associate professor
Mads Clausen Institute


T +45 6550 8378

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