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Capacitor lab

Services for the investigation, design and integration of capacitors and related materials


Very often, the commodity passive component capacitor is completely underestimated during the design phase of electronic equipment.
According to studies, thirty percent of the root causes of inverter failures in wind power plants are capacitors.

The CIE capacitor lab provides services to investigate, design and integrate existing and new Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, metallised film capacitors and their related materials into power electronic equipment.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Screw terminal capacitors
  • Snap-in capacitors
  • Axial leaded capacitors
  • Single ended capacitors
  • SMD-type capacitors
  • Polymer capacitors
  • Impulse capacitors (flash capacitors)
  • Motor start capacitors
Metallised film capacitors
  • BDC-link automotive capacitors
  • Box capacitors
  • Screw terminal capacitors
  • HV capacitors
  • Customised
  • Motor run capacitors
  • X/Y Filter capacitors
  • PFC capacitors
  • Resonance capacitors

Further investigation of ceramic capacitors and supercapacitors is offered.

Services for companies

  • Measurements of capacitance, inductance, ESR, leakage current, insulation current, breakdown voltage, vibration test, impulse tests, certain environmental conditions (e.g., tightness, external stress) over the full operational range (U, T, I, f)
  • Power-cycling test (ripple current (f, T))
  • Temperatures storage and cycling
  • Humidity test
  • External gases (S=2, NH3, H2S..) in preparation
  • Lifetime estimation and calculation
  • Design in (capacitor materials, application) support
  • Failure analysis
  • X-ray tomography, SEM/EDX, standard microscopy
  • Capacitor material analysis
  • Noise measurements
  • Support of new capacitor technology development / system integration.

Technical specification of equipment

  • LCR meter Agilent
  • Network/ Impedance Analyzer
  • Weiss heat chambers
  • Shaker
  • Humidity Chamber
  • X-ray tomography Bruker Skyscan 2214
  • SEM/EDX (Hitachi S-4800 FE)
  • Keyence 3d microscope
  • Chemical analytics of capacitor material, Housings, molds, terminals, leads, foils etc. (see also Chemical Lab CIE)
  • Cooperation with MCI roll-to-roll lab for capacitor development.


Thomas Ebel
Head of Centre, Professor, Dr. rer. nat.
CIE - Centre For Industrial Electronics
SDU Electrical Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

T: +45 9350 7205

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