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Cryomagnetic lab

Ultralow-noise characterisation of electronic and magnetoelectronic properties of materials and devices


The Cryomagnetic lab is dedicated to ultralow-noise characterisation of electronic and magnetoelectronic properties of materials/devices, primarily in the quantum regime. Apart from fundamental research, the lab also provides a powerful platform for analysis of the electronic and magnetoelectronic properties of semiconductors and magnetic materials/structures for industry.

The main equipment in this lab comprises a closed-cycle cryostat equipped with a superconducting magnet, variable temperature inserts and a home-built mobile rank for electrical transport measurements. The cryomagnetic system allows for measurements on samples under wide-ranging and precisely controlled conditions.

Services for companies

  • Characterisation of electrical transport properties of various electronic and magnetoelectronic materials under different conditions
  • Measurement of Hall effect in electronic and magnetoelectronic materials for the determination of the type, concentration and mobility of charge carriers
  • Electronic/magnetoelectronic device test
  • Technology clarification and expert's report
Other services
Counselling services for semiconductor industry, material research, electronics and magnetoelectronics.

Technical specification of equipment

  • Temperature: from 0.3 K up to room temperature
  • Magnetic fields: 0-8 T
  • Measurements: IV, VI, RT, RB, and Hall effect


Gufei Zhang
Assistant Professor, Dr.
Mads Clausen Institute

T +45 6550 1674

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