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For Researchers


Your Research Starts Here!

Lab@SDU allows researchers from different scientific areas to conduct behavioral experiments.

Our Team Can Assist You
We are a highly motivated team driven by providing high quality assistance. Our lab team can provide you help with hardware, software, participant pool, and general research assistance for your data collection.

We can also assist you with pre-experiment work, such as programming and design of the experiment, as well as post-experiment work.

Experiments conducted in the lab are most frequently related to economics, political sciences, journalism, and management.

Our Resources
The lab allows both paper and computer-based experiments. Additionally, the lab can offer various technical equipment such as video, audio, and eye-tracking equipment.

Our participant pool mainly consists of students from all faculties at the University of Southern Denmark. Participants differ in nationality, age, gender, level of education, etc.

Find Us
Lab@SDU is located at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

If you would like to learn more about the lab, and how we can assist you with your research, please contact us.

Last Updated 07.06.2022