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Information for students

For Master Students in Strategy & Organization

The Strategic Organization Design unit is committed to supporting Master's students in Strategy & Organization to excel in their studies. We offer various resources and activities to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Among else, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to start, write, and complete your thesis, which includes practical advice for all aspects of the project. We encourage students to carefully review this guide before starting their thesis work.

For further information on the resources and activities available to students in the Strategic Organization Design unit, please see the link to our guide,
"A Guide to Writing Your Strategy & Organization Master Thesis."



Welcome to Lab@SDU, the experimental laboratory of the Business and Social Science faculty at the University of Southern Denmark.

Our mission is to support researchers in their data collection efforts by providing them with space, equipment, and expertise to conduct their studies. We specialize in experiments that investigate how individuals and groups make decisions and solve problems, both independently and collaboratively.

We are available to all researchers at SDU and are also open to external institutions. If you are interested in conducting a study, please click on the link provided. If you would like to participate in one of our experiments, please click on the other link provided.

  • Interested in conducting a study? Please click here.
  • Interested in participating in an experiment? Please click here.

Last Updated 15.03.2024