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About the SOD group

The Strategic Organization Design (SOD) group is a leading international research group that focuses on strategy, organization, and management science. Our team develops theories, mathematical and computational models, and conducts experimental studies to better understand important unsolved research questions related to organization design and adaptation, including the role of collaborative decision-making and learning in human-AI organizations. We are an interdisciplinary group of scholars who share a passion for curiosity-driven research and working on innovative ideas. Our weekly research seminars are a central integration mechanism.

Our research focuses on three main topics in Strategic Organization Design:

  • The aggregation problem: How do micro-processes influence the macro-behavior of organizations?
  • The adaptation problem: How can multi-level adaptation help organizations succeed in dynamic environments?
  • The strategic design problem: How can organizations effectively structure  search, learning and innovation when these processes involve multiple agents and levels?

We pursue a focused research agenda that is centered around unsolved research questions related to these topics. At the present time, our field has little knowledge about the way organization design can help firms profit from well-structured interactions. Our research aims to fill this gap by redirecting effort towards theoretical and empirical work that uncovers the relation between organization design and performance, both in static and dynamic environments.


Last Updated 15.03.2024