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ORION helium ion microscope

The technology is based on a so-called gas-field-ion source that was first developed by ALIS Corporation in the US in 2005. Later, in 2007, the company was acquired by Carl Zeiss SMT. The world’s first commercial system was shipped in 2007 to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, and only about 40 instruments were operating worldwide in 2015.

The imaging system of the Orion microscope offers high material contrast, large focus depth, and surface sensitivity significantly superior to conventional scanning electron microscopy. The spatial resolution is in sub-nanometer range which is close to the resolution of transmission electron microscopes.

As a material structuring tool, the Orion NanoFab is amongst a few systems in the world, which cover both micro machining to nano machining applications.

Combined in one system, advanced imaging and structuring tools offer unique opportunities for material science and nanofabrication.


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Last Updated 01.02.2022