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All international students at the University of Southern Denmark are guaranteed housing when moving to Kolding if they do not live in Denmark when applying for their study programme.


On this page you can find all relevant information about this, including information about housing options, the application process as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Housing options in Kolding

We offer a variety of privately rented rooms across Kolding. The Student Housing is situated close to the city centre, the train and bus station and the University. The Student Housing includes a single room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. All accommodation has internet access.

In many cases, the accommodation is like a dormitory or a student hall, only privately rented.

The rent per month is approximately between DKK 2,400 and 3,500, including utilities. Before arrival you will have to pay a deposit, usually equivalent to 2–3 months’ rent.


Application process in Kolding

You should apply for housing soon after your application to SDU, even if you are not sure of being offered a place.

Bachelor and master’s students can apply for accommodation 3 days after they have submitted the application for their study programme. If you are not offered a place, your application for Student Housing will be cancelled automatically.

To be guaranteed Student Housing you must apply before the deadline:

  • September admission: 1 May
  • February admission: 1 November

You apply for Student Housing by filling out an online application form at

You will not receive an offer of Student Housing until you have received your official acceptance letter from SDU.

We begin sending out offers from 1 June for the autumn semester and from 1 November for the spring semester. The offer will be sent by email from Odense Accommodation Office.

If you have been offered a place on a study programme at SDU, but you have not received an offer of accommodation within 2 weeks after you have received your acceptance letter, please contact the Accommodation Office at

In the email with the offer of Student Housing, you will find a link, which you use to accept or decline the offer.

You have 7 days to accept the offer of housing. If you do not accept the offer before the deadline, or if you decline the offer, the offer will be cancelled and you cannot expect to receive another offer.

Within a few days of accepting the housing offer, you will receive an email with a Welcome Letter. In this letter, you can find information about:

  • Your accommodation
  • Payment
  • Contract
  • Arrival
  • Termination notice
  • Moving out inspection

It is important that you read this letter carefully. If you miss a deadline for signing the contract or paying the deposit, you risk losing your Student Housing and we will not necessarily be able to offer you anything else.

You pay rent from the day your accommodation is available. It may be as early as 1 August/1 January, but can also be as late as 1 September/1 February. If your room is available from 1 August, you pay rent from 1 August, even if you do not arrive until 25 August, for instance, or another day after 1 August.

You will usually be asked to pay the first month’s rent and deposit one month before you arrive. This should be paid by international bank transfer. You can find more information on when and how to pay the rent and deposit in the Welcome Letter that is sent to you when you have accepted the offer of accommodation.



The guarantee for accommodation applies once only. If you decide to extend your stay, you will either need to keep your accommodation or give it up and find something new on your own.

If you leave Denmark for a period (e.g. sabbatical leave, internship or exchange stay), we cannot guarantee new accommodation for you when you return to Denmark.

We will, of course, try to help you as best we can.

If you are a returning student, please do not apply via the online application portal. Instead, you should write an email to Please state why you need accommodation, when you need it and how much you can pay each month, including utilities.

If we find accommodation for you, please note that you cannot expect to get a room before 15 February for the spring semester. Many students have exams until the end of January and will not vacate the rooms before then. Due to this overlap, we will probably not be able to offer you accommodation before 1 February.

Yes, you are welcome to put in a request if you know which of our housing options you would prefer. However, we cannot guarantee you’ll be offered your requested accommodation.

You can state your request in the ‘General comments’ section when you fill out your application.

All rooms are furnished with a bed, a desk, shelves, a chair and a lamp.

A linen package will be provided. You should not return the linen package. Please dispose of it yourself before you leave. Kitchenware will be available in the shared kitchens.

You will receive information on how to get your key in the Welcome Letter from your study secretary.

The deadline for giving notice is carefully described in your tenancy agreement.

Notice must always be given in writing to the Accommodation Office using a special form. The termination notice of tenancy agreement will be in your welcome folder.

There is a 3-month notice period to the first of a month.

All landlords require that you move out of the accommodation 14 days before your tenancy agreement expires for them to prepare the accommodation for the next tenant. If you have any doubts about how to give notice, please contact the Accommodation Office upon arrival, as a late termination notice may result in additional costs for you.

In connection with giving notice, you are required to make an agreement for a moving out inspection.

The landlord’s caretaker will inspect the accommodation in your presence and make a note of what needs to be done. If needed, the accommodation will be painted, and floors will be sanded and lacquered.

The expense will be deducted from your deposit.

The inspection notes, both upon moving in and moving out, should be available to you in English. If this is not the case, please contact the Accommodation Office before signing anything.

You should hand in the key to your room to the Accommodation Office when you leave.

If the keys have not been handed in, a new lock must be put in at your expense, as you cannot have access to a room that is no longer yours.

The Accommodation Office in Kolding has entered into agreements with landlords that ensures that you will get the best offer possible at the price.

Most other offers in Kolding do not include utilities, furniture, kitchenware or internet (which you would then be required to purchase or bring with you from home). Most likely, your contract, house rules, maintenance rules, etc. will be in Danish, and you are not entitled to the University’s assistance in connection with translations and/or any disputes between you and the landlord.

Should you decide to find accommodation on your own despite this, you may check these links:


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