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MSc in Environmental Engineering - Programme structure

The first and second semesters comprise mainly mandatory courses, which to a great extend are based on project based learning in teams.

The third and fourth semesters are more individualised.

At the third semester, you can choose elective courses, and you have the possibility to start working at your Master thesis project. Some of our students contact a Danish company and use half time of third semester on an In-Company Period. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity for joining an exchange study programme abroad at one of our partner universities.

At the fourth semester, you will be working on your Master thesis project. All most all our students carry out their Master thesis projects in close relation to our research activities.

Programme courses

Part of the study programme is mandatory, mainly the courses at the first and second semester. You will obtain the most recent knowledge in the disciplines of Life Cycle Assessment, Global Environmental Challenges and sustainability, Eco-Efficient Engineering (including concepts of Circular Economy), Waste Management, Material Flow Analysis and Urban Water Management.

You can find more details in the course descriptions. Please note that the courses and course content might change in the future, as we continuously are working on developing our education in order to keep it up to date with the newest knowledge in the area.

In addition to the elective courses included under the Master programme for Environmental Engineering, you are welcome to choose elective courses from all courses offered at the university.

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