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Physics is the science that forms the basis of our cognition. The primary purpose is to describe and predict natural phenomena. The driving force is to reveal the basic laws that govern the universe. Nothing less.

With internationally awarded and acknowledged research groups at the forefront of physics, the University of Southern Denmark has one of the most versatile and dynamic academic environments to offer you a specialised education in the fields of computational physics, particle physics and cosmology, quantum optics, or soft matter and statisticsal physics.

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Why Physics?

  • The Master's Degree Programme in Physics allows you to immerse yourself in the research area that interests you the most, for example laser physics or biophysics
  • There is a shortage of physicists, so no matter what research area you specialise in, you will be very attractive in the job market.

Graduates of the programme are entitled to use the academic title Master of Science (MSc) in Physics.