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Learn about populations and societal challenges brought on by population changes.

Gain a unique education fusing social sciences, quantitative methods, and programming and graduate with a widely demanded skillset.

Are you interested in understanding and analysing population changes and how they are challenging contemporary societies? Population issues, like ageing and population growth, are the results of changes in three key demographic behaviours: migration (when people move from one place to another), fertility (how many babies are born), and mortality (how long people live).



By studying Population Studies, you will gain knowledge on these three pillars of demography and how their interplay leads to population changes. You will also gain the skills needed to address demographic challenges and make a meaningful impact on society.

The Master of Science (MSc.) in Population Studies consists of courses in demographic theories and methods, with a focus on quantitative and programming skills.

You will graduate with a fundamental understanding of population changes, their causes, and consequences, but also with the skills to compute, interpret and communicate relevant demographic statistics.


Learn quantitative methods through programming 

Quantitative methods and skills in programming are essential to Population Studies, but students with a limited background in statistics and programming are nonetheless encouraged to apply.

You will learn the fundamentals of  data handling, preparation and application of quantitative analysis by working with the statistical programming language R.


Study populations with an interdisciplinary perspective

The understanding and capability to address population challenges requires insight from multiple disciplines.  For example, population ageing leads to challenges for both the Danish pension system and healthcare system. When enrolled to the programme you have the option of selecting one of three specialisations:

    • Population Economics
    • Population Politics
    • Population Health


    Why you should apply for the MSc. in Population Studies

    • You will learn the theories, methods and skills required to become a well-trained demographer.
    • You will get a unique education and skillset which fuses social sciences, quantitative methods and programming, which is widely demanded by the private and public sector.
    • You will graduate with the competences to understand contemporary population issues like ageing and population growth.
    • You will be linked to one of the world’s leading research centre in population dynamics and forecasting.
    • You will study the first education of its kind in Denmark and gain the unique title of "Cand.scient.dem".