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First-Job Guarantee

Local companies from Southern Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark have joined forces to create a unique “first job guarantee” scheme that offers new graduates 6 months employment, if they have not already landed their first job. The scheme goes into effect for students that start their BEng or MSc of Engineering degree at the Faculty of Engineering at SDU Sønderborg from September 2020.

However, to be eligible for the scheme following mandatory requirements apply:

  • You must collaborate with a Danish company on the In-Company Project and/or Thesis during your studies
  • You must complete your degree without delay
  • You must acquire Danish language skills equivalent to level B1 on the CERF scale (Requires certification)
  • Participation in career activities offered during your study. Some activities will be mandatory

You will get in touch with the local companies throughout your studies during e.g. Matchmaking Events, Student Collaboration Day and various projects.

Reasons for the scheme

Southern Denmark has a high concentration of companies specializing in energy-efficient technologies - important players, not only in Europe, but also on the global market.

These companies are crucial in the effort to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the face of our current climate crisis. The demand for energy-efficient technologies and solutions is rising so rapidly these years that companies need more engineers in order to meet the demand. In fact, companies need more engineers than they can attract on their own. That is why the companies in Southern Denmark have joined forces with SDU Sønderborg, where engineering students are already acquiring the exact skills that these companies need.

Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

  • Alsion 2
  • Sønderborg - DK-6400

Last Updated 25.08.2023