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Research Programs for Master Students at Faculty of Engineering

Research Stay at Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers the below research programs Please follow the links below for further detailed information:

Your proposal for research subjects will always have to be approved by the responsible professor beforehand.

If you cannot find your academic field above, please e-mail to hear about your options before applying.

The period of a research stay depends on the program type. At the Faculty of Engineering we offer 3 types of research programs with variation in length, start time and ECTS. Each research unit decides which type to offer and it can differ from one unit to another.

Research Program type  Length  Start Time  ECTS
 Fully Flexible  Flexible  Flexible  1,5 ECTS/week
 Fixed Semester  1 semester  1. Sept/1.Feb.  30 ECTS
 Mixed (Courses and Research) 1 semester   1. Sept/1.Feb.  30 ECTS

Minimum Length of stay

EU students: 3 month

Overseas students: 2 month and please consider to apply at least 4 month before arriving in Denmark due to time to get residence permit.

For a flexible Research Program please be aware of the summer vacation (July) as the university will be closed down.

In order to apply for a Research Program without paying tuition, applicants must be nominated by their home university and a partner agreement must be present. Applying as a guest student, you will pay tuition pr. ECTS.

Candidates will be prescreened by SDU International and with a final screening from the relevant research unit who normally request for a Skype interview.

Candidates will have to apply through the SDU Online Application system and follow the guideline given. Please be aware of application deadlines Additional documents to be enclosed applying for a Research Program will be:

  1. Name of Research Program, responsible SDU professor, particular research interest, expected start date, expected length of stay, expected nr. of ECTS.
  2. Academic curriculum vitae
  3. Recommendation letter
  4. Letter of motivation
  5. Portfolio if relevant

In the final screening you can obtain the following result:

  1. Directly qualified
  2. Partly qualified and will have to follow either qualification courses or a qualification project before your research program can start
  3. Not qualified.

Applying for accommodation is a part of the overall application process. If application is received before deadlines accommodation will be guaranteed.

Research Program students will be enrolled in a research module with ECTS credits corresponding to the workload of your stay. There will be an exam/evaluation of your work with the result of either a pass/fail or a grade according to the Danish 7 point-grading scale. It will be your responsibility to make sure your home university will transfer the credits.

For general questions and advice:
TEK Internationalisation, E-mail:

For Academic questions related to a specific Research Program, please contact the professor responsible for the program.