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Research Programs for Graduate Exchange Students

Research for master students

As a graduate exchange student at the Faculty of Engineering you are not limited to following courses. You can join one of the many research programs who accepts students to participate in ongoing research. The period can be flexible, and you will earn ECTS credits depending on the length of your stay. It is possible to follow a few courses at the same time. To be accepted you will need to be nominated by your home university prior to your application. 

As I am a master student, I am quite used to lectures; five years of higher education crave for practice! More droplets of theory in a full glass of water do not cause an effect – but being challenged with a research project at SDU is a completely different story.

Nicolas Neubauer, Student of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Facts about research programs

One semester or flexible start and length. Minimum 3 months or 20 ECTS.

30 ECTS for one semester or 1.5 ECTS pr. week for flexible stays

Exam and grade
Evaluation with either a grade or approved/not approved

Graduate students from SDU partner universities with qualifications as described in the actual research program.

Please follow the links:
Application deadlines
Online application

More information
Contact SDU International

Meet Anna and Maria who spend their exchange semester doing research in Smart Materials for Advanced Technologies

Last Updated 29.05.2024