Chemical Engineering research semesters at master level

Spend one or two semesters as a part of a research group within chemical engineering. The research project can be either a part of on-going large project (e.g. Phd. or Postdoc project), an extension of earlier project of promising results or an independent project to open new research area of high potential for grant proposal.

The first semester is preparatory and will be a combination of courses and a pre-project to prepare the applicant ready to carry on with a full research project in the second semester. The specific projects will be established in collaboration with your local supervisor at the department.

One or two semesters: 

The recommendation on whether the applicant should spend one or two semesters at SDU will be evaluated based on qualification of the applicant in match with the research areas at the local institution, tough the qualified applicants are always welcome to take larger or the full package. 

Those have passed the pre-screening step will be connected to a local supervisor, who will require additional information such as academic curriculum vitae, recommendation letter, motivation letter, and a list of publication if relevant for academic evaluation. The evaluation process can be assisted by Skype interview. The maximum number of successful candidate for the program is limited to 5 per semester.

Depending on the overall evaluation, the applicant will be recommended to carry out between 30-60 ECTS study at SDU, as shown in the table below:

Qualification Match Recommendation
For ECTS point
Main Project (MP) Pre-Project (PP) or Course (C)  Time frame
full time study week*
Starting time 
Very well Min. 30 MP (30 ECTS) Min. 20 Flexible 
Well Min. 40 PP+MP(10+30 ECTS) Min. 27 Flexible
Fair 60 C+PP+MP (20+10+30 ECTS)  40 Spring or Autumn semester 

* For the international program only full time study is allowed due to visa requirement.

Time frame:

For well and very well qualified applicants, you are not required to take any course, and therefore, are not limited by any time frame of the semesters, though you are eligible to take courses and pre-project equivalent to full time study.
For applicants of fair match and those who wish to experience courses equivalent to full time study, you are recommended to take a series of courses equivalent to 20 ECTS, including both compulsory and elective courses. The local supervisors will name the compulsory courses depending on research areas. The candidate may start from either spring or autumn semester (1 Feb. or 1 Sep.), though the application deadline should be followed. Click here to read more

Content of the course:

If the applicant is required to participant courses, the exact composition of the course will depend on the starting semester. A list of available courses at different starting semesters can be found here

The final composition of the course will be recommended by the local supervisors and should be approved by the local department.

Research project (30 ECTS)

The research project should be in line with one or several of the research areas within chemical engineering at SDU.

• Chemical and biochemical Process Synthesis and Intensification
• Electrochemical energy conversion & Functional materials
• Industrial Crystallization
• Materials Chemistry
• Membrane Separation Technology
The applicant is recommended to achieve direct contact with responsible staffs for the research areas of your interest.

For questions related to the student qualifications or research subjects please contact Associate Professor Shuang Ma Andersen, e-mail:

For questions about practical matters and application please contact international coordinator Henrik Vindt, e-mail: 

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