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How to apply - Application process

How to apply

  • Click on the relevant link to the right
  • Fill in the online form*
  • Upload all required enclosures to the online application form. Do not send them by email or ordinary mail also.
  • Upload the Language Requirement Form - signed by you and your home university.
  • Upload a copy of your passport or ID card.

* If the courses for the semester(s) you apply for are not yet online, it is important you list the courses you would like to follow based on the courses offered this academic year. Your course choice is then not final, but an indicator for us to ensure that we offer the type of courses that are relevant for you. Without this information, we are not able to assess your application.


Online application

The application is online. Choose the box that applies to you (exchange OR guest student).

You are an exchange student if you are nominated from a partner institution and study one or two semesters at the University of Southern Denmark. Your course credits are to be transferred back to the degree studied in your home country.

You are a guest student if you study a semester or two at the University of Southern Denmark. Your course credits are to be transferred back to the degree studied in your home country. You are not coming as part of an exchange programme from a partner
institution. You pay tuition for the courses you follow.


Course level, faculties, and entry requirements

As an exchange or a guest student, you can only follow courses at master level if you have completed what compares to 180 ECTS credits (i.e. three years of studies) of relevant courses at university level.

If you plan to apply for courses across faculties, choose the faculty at which you plan to follow the largest number of courses.
Be aware that it depends on the agreement between your home university and SDU whether this is possible.

Make sure to read the general entry requirement and possible specific entry requirements of the courses you would like to follow. Specific entry requirements are listed under the course information or course package information.


Residence permit

If you plan to study for more than three months, you must apply for residence permit once you have been admitted.

Non EU/EEA citizens pay an application fee when they apply for residence permit (and for extension of residence permit). For more information visit the Danish Immigration Service.


The process of becoming an exchange student - the timeline


  • Your home institution nominates you.
  • You submit your application with all required enclosures before the relevant application deadline.
  • You apply for accommodation, through the online application form. Please find more information here.
  • Your application is assessed. If the assessment is successful, you receive our enrollment pack containing your letter of enrollment, and information on various practical matters in the course of May/June or November/December.


  • You receive information on accommodation in July/ December, or at the beginning of August/January (if you applied for accommodation through the University).
  • End of August/January, each campus has an orientation programme for all new students.


  • The semester and classes start September 1/February 1.


Got questions?

Got questions, which are not answered by the website? Contact us at


Exchange Student

Application form for exchange students

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Guest Students

Application form for guest students

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Last Updated 17.04.2024